Trying to help a loved one cope with grief, but just don't know what to do?

This unique, practical guide for the friends and families of the bereaved tells you exactly how to help without getting in the way

If There's Anything I Can Do... an immensely practical guide on how to help someone who has been bereaved

It is awful when someone you love goes through the unbearable pain of bereavement.

As you are discovering, you feel distraught and completely unable to help.

You can't take away the grief, but there are many things you can do to make everyday life more bearable for them.

And no-one knows better what those things might be than people who have been bereaved themselves...

This ebook explains how it feels, and also passes on the advice of many other people who have been bereaved.

These people know exactly what helped them most (and what was well-meant but not helpful) at the time, and in the months, weeks and years afterwards.

There's no need to feel so helpless in the face of grief.

This book is full of little ways - as well as big ways - you can help someone you care about cope that little bit better.

You really CAN make a difference; why not let this inspiring, creative and practical book show you how?

“If There's Anything I Can Do - The Practical, Inspiring ways to help someone who has been Bereaved...”
  • When you are traveling the long, lonely road of grief, there are times when people simply don't know what to say or do and when even the closest of friendships are straining at the seams.

  • When you walk back into work and a silence falls across the office as people look down at their desks, unaware of how to treat you

  • When mothers from your childrens' nursery dodge into another aisle in the supermarket to avoid having to face you

  • When you realize that friends have stopped calling or visiting because listening to your unending pain is just becoming too much.

The grief of a friend can be a terrible thing to witness.

There is nothing you can do to stem the tide, and yet, you really do want to help. And you can help.

You can ease the pain.

You can never bring back the person who has died, which is all your friend really wants.

But there are dozens of things you can do to lighten the load he or she has to carry.

And you can keep on doing it, without getting in the way, not just for a few weeks but for months and even years if you wish.

This brave, compassionate ebook is an invaluable resource for the friends and family of the bereaved.

Let us show you what to do and say to really make a difference...

"An exemplary work on a difficult subject"
- renowned author Nigella Lawson

"An invaluable resource for both the bereaved and their friends and family, this compassionate, brave piece of work covers everything from the practical issues (flowers, letters, what to say) to the intangibles (moral support, mental health) to taking those first steps to moving on."
- Daily Record
"I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for publishing this amazing book. A close
friend and neighbor died suddenly this summer leaving a heavily pregnant widow and two small children. The insights of the author and her contributors into bereavement and the advice about
what to do and how to help have been so helpful. It has given me the confidence to just do things and offer assistance that otherwise I would have worried about offering."
- Customer Comment

“You really CAN make a difference...”
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“If There's Anything I Can Do: helping you to help others”

Suitable for English speakers all over the world; the principles in this book apply whether you are in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, South Africa....

Packed with reassuring suggestions for how to help out, put together by the author, whose partner died leaving her with two young children, and many other contributors who have lived through one of life's biggest challenges

An immensely practical, helpful resource which shows you exactly how to help a bereaved friend or relative without getting in the way

A much-needed book of advice on what not to do or say around bereaved friends and relations, as well as all the right things to do and say

Gives you the confidence to just do things and offer assistance without worrying

"Both touching and practical."
- YOU magazine, Mail on Sunday
"Just wanted to let you know that I ordered a copy of If There's Anything I Can Do... and I think it is wonderful. My husband died in 2004 and I wish I had had it then. I want to lend it to the whole world and am wondering whether I should buy a second copy in case I don't get it back. Great to read something without reference to the supernatural - except a plea not to invoke it."
- Customer Comment

"Reassuring suggestions for helping out without getting in the way, from a writer whose partner died, leaving her with two young children."
- Caroline Sanderson

What will I find in this book?

This book has been written from the perspective of someone whose partner, husband or wife has died, which is the author's own experience.

If There's Anything I Can Do also has many viewpoints and contributions from other people who have suffered the loss of a loved one, saying what helped them most (and what was probably well-meant but not helpful) at the time and in the months, weeks and years afterwards.

Yet it is not just for someone who has lost a partner; in many cases the principles are equally appropriate to someone grieving the loss of a child, sibling, friend, parent or other relative.

It is an enormously practical reference book, packed full of suggestions which you can implement immediately, showing you the best ways to do things like:

  • writing a condolence letter when someone loses a loved one

  • how to offer to help without causing offence

  • how to really listen to your bereaved friend

  • cooking and shopping for the bereaved

  • helping with children and teenagers

  • helping with the mountain of paperwork that bereavement brings

  • how to make holidays and short breaks fun again

  • doing odd jobs around the house and garden

  • being there for the long haul

  • buying the right gift

But don't worry, it doesn't need to feel like an onerous task - many of the ideas in this book are simple, easy things that are part and parcel of friendship, but can still make a big difference to someone who is grieving.

They will appreciate your efforts more than you could ever guess.

Practical, logical, inspiring ways to help...
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"Watching a friend grieve for someone they love is heartbreaking. This book makes it easier and shows you ways you can really help."
- Darren Clark
"The author explains that navigating the rocky road to recovery is difficult enough, overwhelming without assistance, and her forthright guide helps everyone to give the sort of help that makes such a pivotal difference in these circumstances."
- The Good Book Guide

What else will you find in If There's Anything I Can Do?

As well as all the practical help and advice outlined above, this book also has three useful appendices:

- Appendix 1: What not to say to someone who has been bereaved (some of the most frequently heard statements when someone loses a loved one are not particularly helpful, although they are well-meant)

- Appendix 2: Dealing with depression (which is often part and parcel of the bereavement process; we tell you the signs to look out for and what you should do to help)

- Appendix 3: A list of useful contacts in the US and UK (which will enable you to point your bereaved friend or relative towards further sources of professional help, thus making their journey through grief and loss so much easier to cope with) 

If There's Anything I Can Do... an immensely practical guide on how to help someone who has been bereaved

Created with ease and speed of navigation in mind

  • It's easy to navigate the table of contents: just click on the title and go straight to the section you require

  • Clear layout, with lots of bullet points and bold print to help you read quickly

  • 105 pages long, with clear instructions on how to print individual pages

  • Easy to either print out or read on your computer screen

"A genuinely useful guide for bewildered friends who want to help but have no idea where to start."
- The Lady
"I wish I had read this two years ago as I have been supporting my bereaved friend and I think this is all fantastic advice."

"It's a really great piece, no nonsense, logical, practical help." 

"It is wonderful. I've saved it to perhaps give to friends and family."
- Customer comments

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